3 Key Councils are needed

Executive Council


    • Meet quarterly for Executive style briefing.
    • Fund Executive and Business Council meetings.
    • Annual donation covers travel and meeting cost associated with the Executive and Business Councils.
    • Motivate and promote participation of their company representatives on the Business Council.
    • Enable access to philanthropists to gain funding for the grand prize.


Business Council


    • Meet on an as needed basis.
    • Specifying the business model.
    • Determining the payoffs (ALS CURE grand prize, possible interim prizes (ex. for BioMarkere)).
    • Reviewing legal documents.
    • Supporting fund-raising for fundamental research (BioMarkers), bare bone organization.
    • Approve fundamental research proposals and funding.


Research Council


    • Meet on an as needed basis.
    • Determine measurable metrics that will be used to adjudicate the ALS Cure.
    • Determine the fundamental research objectives for ALS fund-raising funding (non-philanthropic).
    • Work with Biotech and Pharma company ALS drug developers to develop research goals.
    • Identification of and recruiting of organizations to conduct the foundational research.
    • Identification of potential BioMarkers and druggable targets.
    • Prioritize fundamental research objectives and recommended allocations of funds to Business Model Council.

Councils bring expertise to accomplish the mission.