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ALS CURE Project is an IRS 501.3c charity. Tax ID #:84-3289802
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1st Annual
Baseball Opening Day Golf Challenge
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Blackhawk Country Club
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ALS CURE Project is an IRS 501.3c charity. Tax ID #:84-3289802
*Dinner & Live Auction Pending
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1st Annual
Golf Tournament
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Orinda Country Club
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ALS Cure Project with a laser focus CURE ALS WE ARE HERE TO
Be a part of the CURE !
using the world fastest super computers. Discovering the ALS
disease mechanism
WHAT CAUSES ALS? Join Our GoFundMe Campaign Today! GoFundMe
HOW IS MY DONATION USED? 100% to ALS research Enabled by our ALS CURE Project volunteer-based organization. Be a part of the CURE !
WHY IS THERE NO TEST FOR ALS? Conducting ALS Biomarker
applying machine learning multi-modal models GoFundMe Join Our GoFundMe Campaign Today!
knitting together ALS research organizations. Providing collaborative leadership WHY DO WE KNOW SO LITTLE ABOUT ALS? Be a part of the CURE !
Join Our GoFundMe Campaign Today! GoFundMe WE ARE HERE TO Connect with our friends in
the ALS community
because it is personal to us.
WE ARE HERE TO CURE ALS with a laser focus Be a part of the CURE !
WHAT NOVEL IDEAS ARE BEING CONSIDERED? Investigating imaging, speech,
and retinal scans
in our unrelenting quest for a cure. Join Our GoFundMe Campaign Today! GoFundMe
WHAT ROLE DOES DNA PLAY IN ALS? Supporting genetic modeling researching multiple gene combinations. Be a part of the CURE !
WHAT CELLULAR PROCESSES CAUSE ALS? Physics based modeling of the body’s processes effecting motor neurons Join Our GoFundMe Campaign Today! GoFundMe
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The ALS CURE Project was founded by Mike Piscotty and his son’s, Stephen, Nick and Austin following the passing of his wife Gretchen Piscotty on May 5, 2018.

The ALS CURE Project has one goal: rid the world of ALS so no one has to suffer Gretchen’s fate.

Our Story

Following the passing of my dear wife Gretchen in May of 2018, I made good on a promise to her to work towards a cure for ALS so “nobody would have to suffer my (Gretchen’s) fate.” I have created a not-for-profit organization, known as the ALS CURE Project, to lead research towards a laser focused goal of coming up with a cure for ALS. As a 100% volunteer-based organization, we can operate this effort, without any ALS CURE Project employees. I work for ALS CURE Project gratis and expect to continue in that manner such that all funding raised will go directly towards our one goal of curing ALS from humanity.

Gretchen with Gretchen By: Jessel Miller

Please click on the painting above, or the link below, to order

Jessel Miller   “Gretchen with Gretchen”   Acrylic
Gretchen had a special place in her heart for horses & a Clydesdale Horse was named in her honor.
Part of the proceeds of Jessel Miller Product with this image are donated to ALS CURE Project.

Road Map To A Cure

With tremendous pride, enthusiasm and hope, I honored to share the Roadmap to Cure ALS.   This was created from the brilliant minds of 87 international researchers, academics and advocates from industry and government who met each week of October 2020 in virtual workshops to discuss approaches and research deemed vital to cure ALS.  This symposium was sponsored and led by the ALS CURE Project, Livermore Lab Foundation and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. We are hopeful that ALS research organizations and funding entities will utilize this roadmap to focus research efforts to optimize our path to a cure for this horrific disease.


  • Little concentrated effort  by Pharma and Biotech companies  to produce a drug
  • Little is known about the disease.
    • No biomarkers.
    • Hard to create a cure for something that can’t be identified
  • No new ALS drug in over 22 years since Relizolein 1995
    • Only ALS drug available (upside is 10% reduction in decay rate)
    • Radicava, in 2017 was a repurposed stroke drug;  Questionable success
Research Council


ALS Disease Background

ALS is a horrendous disease attacking the neuromuscular system of the body, slowly and systematically rendering the person paralyzed and unable to breathe.

The journey is emotionally exhausting for family and friends as you watch your loved one wither away, becoming trapped in their bodies. As awful as this disease is and with the extraordinary medical advances giving us unprecedented views into the human body, a new drug for ALS hasn’t made it to market since 1995, leaving those with ALS and their families with little hope. ALS is classified as a rare disease with a much smaller population (20,000 US) of people affected than that of cancer (2 million US). Thus the profit potential of an ALS drug is limited and companies tend to invest where the profit potential is greatest.

Further accentuating the hopelessness is the lack of any ALS Biomarker, which is critical for drug development. There is no test for ALS. It is sadly the disease you have when you fail all the known disease tests for AIDS, MS, Parkinson’s etc. Significantly missing from our knowledge necessary to develop a cure is an understanding of the ALS disease mechanism. Knowledge of what conditions and processes trigger the start of the ALS disease and what keeps it attacking the body’s motor neurons is a critical first step to a cure.

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